Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First post EVAR

So this blog is simply going to be about everyday life, so what's not to love? But I do have some good news, me and my girlfriend have been wanting a new pet right? Well, our apartment complex has a $500 pet deposit. $500!!! We will only be living here for another 2 months, so we decided, LETS GET A HEDGEHOG. We've been thinking about it for some time. So this Sunday we have made plans with a local breeder to go pick out our new baby hedgie, and we will be able to pick him/her up in two weeks, new cage and all! We're very excited. That;s all for now, I hope I get the knack for this whole blogging thing soon.


  1. NIce fits post, I love these life blogs lol

  2. In australia there are no hedgehogs, but good luck on your new blog spot and pet friend!

  3. WTF a Hedgehog? Haha good luck!